The Plan B contraceptive pill is about to become a whole lot more obtainable for consumers.

A federal judge has ordered the removal of current restrictions requiring Plan B to be sold behind pharmacy counters and only to those 17 years and older. The morning-after contraceptive pill will now be available on the shelves alongside condoms and other women's health products to consumers at least 15 years and older.

This controversial FDA decision has caused quite a stir, prompting vocal outcries from critics like Concerned Woman of America CEO and president Penny Nance. In a statement made in response to the news from the FDA, Nance declared,

It makes no sense that kids need parental permission to take aspirin at school, but they’re free to buy and administer Plan B - Penny Nance CWA president and CEO.

The FDA says that the ruling will apply only to Plan B One-Step. The generic versions of the contraceptive will continue to be sold behind pharmacy counters.

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[Via Washington Post]