Mosquitoes are making an early appearance in South Louisiana and Glen Stokes has some advice about dealing with them.  Glenn Stokes Sr. of Mosquito Control Contractors said you can get some relief from mosquitoes by using the five D's "dress in white clothing with long sleeves and pants, DEET repellant, drain breeding grounds, stay indoors at dusk and dawn".

Stokes says due to a warm and short winter we have an early appearance of mosquitoes, love bugs and even fire ants.  According to Stokes we are fortunate at this time because there has been no evidence of West Nile Virus or other mosquito-borne diseases yet.

For Festival International Stokes said crews will be spraying alleys and parking lots in downtown Lafayette beginning tonight.  This spraying will continue at dawn and dusk through Sunday night.

Listen to the full interview with Glen Stokes: