Lydia Stith Rosebush posted a photo of her son and his best friend on Facebook and now the internet has fallen in love with her photo and her message.

She explains in her post that her son, Jax, needed a haircut and that he stated he wanted to look just like his best friend Reddy, who is black little boy. Jax requested that they shave his head so that their teacher couldn't tell them apart.

The message is clear here, kids just don't know division amongst themselves when it comes to race or color. All that Jax knew is that he wanted to look like his best friend.

Jax's mother honored his request and shaved his head so that he could look like his friend.

Perhaps there are some in this crazy world of our's that could learn from Jax. Hate isn't something we are born with, but it's introduced to us by those with their own agenda.

What a story.