Brittney Badeaux is a parent of a nine year old in Vermilion Parish and was recently shocked by a homework assignment given to her child.  She joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss her concerns.

A copy of the homework assignment that we received made reference to Twista, a rap artist and a song called 'Po Pimp' and another title including the word MoBstaz instead of mobsters and we asked Badeaux what she found out about the assignment.

The superintendent said this was part of the Core Curriculum and was available statewide and nationwide.

Aside from the reference to 'Po Pimp' Badeaux said she had other concerns.

I'm working hard to have my child learn the proper way to spell and say words and this part of the assignment goes against everything I'm working for.  My child has forced me to download a dictionary on my iPhone to help him spell and use words properly.

The next item on the assignment also concerned Badeaux,

As the mother of a 9 year old I don't really need a homework assignment explaining to my child that dancing is used to attract the opposite sex.


You can hear more from Brittney Badeaux and see if you share her concerns by listening to the interview: