Just in time for Mother's Day, Harris Interactive published a poll that rated TV moms and not unexpectedly June Cleaver from 'Leave It To Beaver' was ranked as the best TV mom.  Claire Huxtable from the Cosby Show came in second followed by Carol Brady of the Brady Bunch.

Looking back on my youth, growing up in the 50's and 60's I realize now that my Mom tried her best to be June Cleaver.  Even wearing a string of pearls while serving Sunday dinner.  Amazing how TV was already influencing our lives.  My Mom was not the best cook but she tried her best.  From Good Housekeeping cookbooks and various magazines she tried but never seemed to really get the hang of it.

My Mom was as strict as most mother's in those years but many times I heard "wait until your Father gets home".  She seldom took on that cloak of authority feeling that the weight of my Dad's voice would have more influence I guess.

Since her passing in 2002 I've come to realize more and more what a great woman and mother she was.  Don't even get me started on my paternal grandmother!

The title of an old blues song sums it up.  "You Don't Miss Your Water Til Your Well Runs Dry".

I hope you will appreciate your mother as much as you can now if she's still with you and just as much or more if she's passed on to her reward.

My Mother had June Cleaver beat hands down and I bet your Mom ranks up there as well.