Motivational speaker Eric Thomas is known for energizing the audiences he speaks to, but things took an unusual turn when a group of students kept interrupting him.

Thomas was speaking at Vashon High School, where 70% of the students are reading below grade level. The motivational speaker—known by many as "ET" or "The Hip Hop Preacher"—told the students his upbringing wasn't much different than theirs, encouraging them to achieve their full potential and turn their lives around.

Though the majority of the audience was engaged, one group of students simply refused to be quiet, and his unscripted reaction to their interruption has gone viral.

There was definitely "nothing funny" about his reaction, garnering nearly 2 million views in just as many weeks. This is just the latest in many videos, including his popular 'Secrets To Success Pt. 1' speech posted below, that have gone viral.

Keep up the good work, E.T.!

[via ETInspires]