Police in Slidell are using words like "miracle" and "amazing" in describing an incident that happened when the driver of tractor-trailer big rig ran over a motorcyclist.  The incident happened at an intersection and was captured on surveillance video provided by a local business.

In the video you can see the motorcyclist approaching the intersection. About :16 in the video at the very top of the screen you will see the big rig approaching and what happens next is pretty scary.

According to a police spokesperson the driver of the motorcycle was thrown into the grass while his motorcycle was dragged underneath the truck until the big rig hits a ditch further down the road.  It is believed that the driver of the truck passed out behind the wheel. He was found to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs and has been charged with first degree negligent injury and reckless operation of a motor vehicle.

The motorcyclist remains in serious condition at a hospital but he is expected to recover. A police spokesperson said it's not everyday you survive being run over by an 18-wheeler and survive. No further details were released on the condition or the injuries sustained by the driver of the motorcycle.