Craigslist can be great for many things: buying and selling, lost and found, personal ads, and missed connections.  This missed connection ad, from a Vietnam veteran, really pulls at the heart strings.

For the most part, "missed connections" is for people who came into contact with each other for a short period of time, and didn't get to exchange contact information.  From a glance in a grocery store to a meeting at a party or nightclub, these stories run the gamut of possibilities, with one of the subjects searching, now, for the other.

This Massachusetts gentleman's post is particularly touching: he was pained with guilt after his actions in the Vietnam War, and met a woman who pulled him from the clutches of suicide at the 11th hour.

For my part, I shared more of myself than I could have imagined possible at that time. I didn't mention Vietnam, but I got the sense that you could see there was a war waging inside me. Still, your eyes offered no pity, and I loved you for it.  - Craigslist post

The whole post tells about their chance meeting, their conversation over coffee and pie, and, upon his return from the restroom, her empty chair.

This one really touched me, as it reminds me that we have no clue what demons other people have to fight each and every day.