In the wake of the deadliest mass shooting on U.S. soil, the names of the victims who were killed in the Orlando nightclub shooting have been released.

Up to this point we have heard numerous details about the shooter as authorities continue to investigate the shooting that took place early Sunday morning at Pulse nightclub, but the names of the 49 victims who died are the amongst the people who should be remembered.

ABC News posted the names and ages of the 49 victims who were killed as well as descriptions of each person on their website.

As we hear the stories about the heroic efforts of the survivors as well as those who weren't so fortunate, let's remember these names along with the names of all who were affected and send our thoughts to their family members and loved ones who are in mourning.

At the time of this post many are still fighting for their lives with at least five victims in grave condition.

Read more about the victims here.

[via ABC News]