NASA has unveiled a plan that will not only send humans to Mars, but wants them to be able to live there. In a 36 page report released today, NASA is planning to make missions to Mars a reality. Soon. According to NASA 'Like the Apollo Program, we embark on this journey for all humanity. Unlike Apollo, we will be going to stay.' If you would like to read the report, it is available to read online.

There are 3 major steps to the process 1) 'Earth Reliant Exploration' - which is based on International Space Station research. 2) A 'Proving Ground' - NASA is already in the process of building the Space Launch System rocket, which will be capable of taking humans to Mars. And 3) 'Earth Independent' - which means that humans will actually be able to STAY on Mars. Pretty incredible stuff, and way more complicated than someone like me can understand! This could all happen on our lifetime, so I say, way to geaux, NASA!