The folks at Abita Brewery have come up with some interesting flavors throughout the
years. Their latest beer has quite an unusual ingredient. Oysters are enjoyed by many here in Louisiana. And a lot of people like them with cold beer. Abita is taking it to the next level by combining the two! It's the new Imperial Louisiana Oyster Stout. Abita Brewmaster Mark Wilson says
it's actually very tasty, with an intense aroma and bold presence. He says it doesn't taste
at all "fishy".

The oyster stout is the recipe of home-brewer Kerry Yoes, of Zachary. As part of his brewing contest prize, Abita brewed and distributed his recipe.  Wilson says just 400 kegs of oyster stout were brewed, and when they're gone, they're gone. He says the Select Brew is available on tap only at Select Abita tap locations.