There are new calls from city leaders in Youngsville for the Lafayette Parish School Board to approve a new high school for the city.

Jeremy Hidalgo, school board member for District 9 which covers Youngsville, says a new school for the area has been the number one topic of discussion.

"There's no doubt that the need is there," Hidalgo said. "There's no doubt that I will be doing my best to make that happen. The growth has just been phenomenal in Youngsville."

Young families have moved to Youngsville and the surrounding communities because of the great state of the public schools, Hidalgo said, but overcrowding has continued to be a problem in Youngsville,  Milton, and Broussad.

"I think a new high school on the south end of needed for the whole area...although we're seeing probably the most crampness in Youngsville," Hidalgo said.

Hidalgo said 'prolonging the inevitable' has led to the current budget situation where the school system is expected to have to overcome a $16-million to $18-million deficit. But he was hopeful that an honest assessment of the budget with a determination to make "tough decisions" could free up some bonding capacity to build a new school.

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