Elvis Presley was such a charismatic and iconic man that he became a phenomena. There was no one like him before and no one like him since. Because of this, claims that he faked his own death have continued since the moment his death was revealed.

The latest in a long line of claims comes from a YouTube account with only two videos called 'The Shadow.' The Shadow claims the man in the videos is Elvis himself, working as a groundskeeper at Graceland at the age of 81.

There are many conspiracy theories as to why Elvis would fake his own death. They all claim that the multiple causes of Elvis' death indicate that he didn't really die at all. Some theorists believe Elvis faked his death to protect himself and his family from death threats. Others say Elvis didn't want to be remembered as overweight and older than he was when he became legendary, so he faked his death to live the rest of his life anonymously.

To me, claiming Elvis is alive or dead is like claiming God exists or doesn't exist. You can't really prove either one to people who have made up their minds either way. What I do believe is what this article suggests: people are still talking about Elvis' life and death because they weren't ready to let him go. They wanted more from him and wish he were still around.

I agree with those sentiments.