I thought it was bad enough when I heard of state lawmakers voting for a state bird, insect or drink.  When Louisiana lawmakers voted to name the city of Scott as the 'Boudin Capitol of the World' I thought it must have been a slow day in Baton Rouge.  I know that designation means a lot to the residents of Scott but there surely were more important things to vote on that day.  Today however I ran across an article that noted lawmakers in the New Hampshire House will be voting this week to grant themselves free ski lift passes at Cannon Mountain and that really iced the cake!  The cost of a one day pass is $70 which seems pretty reasonable to me.  Supporters of the legislation say the free access would not add costs to the ski area for others and this free access will allow the lawmakers to better promote skiing at Cannon Mountain.  It seems to me they could pay their own way like the regular Joes and help the economy.  Instead these greedy self-serving lawmakers want more free stuff from the government and the people that pay their salaries.  Come on guys if you want to play, pay up like the rest of the folks.