As we all know, emotions are running high all across South Louisiana in the wake of the devastating Louisiana floods. We feel like we've been left to fend for ourselves as the national media has by and large ignored the seriousness of what's happening here. As much as we've come together over the past week to help ourselves, there is a very long road ahead of us before we can recover, if we ever can. This is a task we need help in achieving. Baton Rouge resident and New Iberia native Heather Cross took CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, Good Morning America, The Today Show and all national media to task, saying everything we as Louisianians want them to hear.

Cross, a Baton Rouge attorney, made the post last Wednesday before Donald Trump or President Obama visited Louisiana.

Cross points out that the national media has been in South Louisiana for the past few months through the Alton Sterling protests and the police shootings, putting our state under the constant scrutiny of the entire world. However, now that tragedy has struck, they're nowhere to be found now that we truly need them.

From Cross's Facebook post -

You’ve met us before. You came and camped out over here during a very painful period in our existence about a month ago. You went into a neighborhood you’ve never been in, in a state it’s quite possible that you’ve never visited (despite that you are “very well-travelled”).

Cross goes on to say -

I think you people are stone cold silent about this flood, because really, there’s no agenda to push. There’s no side to take. There’s nobody to blame. So even though you don’t seem in the least bit curious, here’s what’s been happening around here since you left.

I don't mind admitting, when I read this line, I teared up with pride.

While it was still raining, a spontaneous, private, and well-meaning navy of ordinary people assembled themselves. They were black, white, asian and otherwise. They weren’t protesting anything. They got into their own boats, spent their own money, spent their own time, risked their own lives. Black people saved white people. White people saved black people. Nobody asked what color you were before knocking on your door.

Cross goes on to illustrate in a very intelligent, eloquent and rational manner just how reckless the national media's silence truly is.

Below is Cross's entire post. It's pretty lengthy but worth every second of your time reading it.