A woman from New Iberia is now facing federal fraud charges after prosecutors says she schemed more than 250 people out of at least a million dollars.  The indictment against Alice Latula was released yesterday. Prosecutors say she scammed her victims between 2007 and 2010.

Federal prosecutors say that Latula used two different schemes to get money from her victims.  In the first scheme, she promised those who gave her money that she would get them a 50 percent rate of return on their money in a "Profit Sharing Opportunity".  With her second scheme, prosecutors alleged that she would tell people she would return 12,500 dollars to investors who had given her 30 dollars.

Katula stands accused of using her New Iberia business, Triple J's Marketing, to solicit money from people all across the United States.  She would contact them about her schemes over the internet, by word-of-mouth and by telephone.

Latula's arraingment is set for January 15th.