The newly appointed director of Lafayette Regional Airport said the future terminal project at the airport attracted him to the job and that he has experience with overseeing construction of a terminal at an airport in Texas.

Steven Picou, who previously worked for New Orleans International Airport and Amarillo International Airport and who joined "Nathan & Bernine in the Morning," said it will be possible to maintain the "local flair" of Lafayette Regional without incorporating a "cookie cutter" approach that larger airports utilize.

"That's easily accomplished," Picou said. "You can always accomplish that with your vendors...and your confessionaries." Picou emphasized that everyone from the airport commissioners to the Federal Aviation Administration have pushed a local agenda to make Lafayette Regional stand out on its own.

Picou was impressed with how clean the Lafayette airport was, though he did say there were some areas for improvement.

Picou is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University and a native of Cutoff, La.

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