A bill authored by Representative John Bel Edwards and signed by governor Bobby Jindal requires the state's upper echelon state employees to get a Louisiana drivers lincense along with a Louisiana vehicle registration.

Edwards says his law is aimed at the many high paid members of the Jindal administration who have never bothered to get either one of the documents even though Louisiana law requires anyone moving here to get a license and register their vehicles within a month of their move.

The new law means that unclassified state employees who make more than $100,000 a year must get both or face getting fired from their lucrative jobs.

Edwards says the whole point of the law is to be fair to all state workers.

Edwards says,

"I just think he hired people that were coming from out of state, and didn't have a real commitment to this state. They didn't plan to stay long."

Edwards adds some of the Governor's appointees seem to have taken a cavalier attitude towards being employed by the state of Louisiana.