It's been there again and again and there is ample reason for it.  The Super Bowl goes together with New Orleans like rice and gravy and for good reason.  The Crescent City knows how to throw a good party.

While many people say that the NFL hates New Orleans and punished the Saints this year, no one can debate that the city has hosted quite a few of these affairs and people in the league realize that they have a great stadium in the Superdome and a city, and really a state, that knows how to have fun.

This year should be no different, even with all of the word of sign limitations and Roger Goodell hiding out somewhere in the city and even the hated 49ers making their way to New Orleans to try for win number six in this greatest of championship games.  With Mardi Gras on the horizon, you have to admit that someone at the NFL made a really good choice.

That could be the reason that the league keeps coming back.  If there is a great party, then next year when everyone is freezing in New York, they can all look back and say, "Remember last year?  Man that was great."

I think when it comes to the Super Bowl, one thing is clear.  It should be held in New Orleans at least once every 3-4 years.