A new political party has been established in the Bayou State, as the official paperwork has been submitted by the Louisiana Independent Party. Party Treasurer Bill Bryan says this is more of a movement than a political action. He says often times, people vote for a party, not a person, and party affiliations can make it difficult for people to have open, honest discussions about candidates.

“People just don’t want to hear anything about the person who has a letter at the end of their name that opposite of what they’re registered, and so we’re hoping that this Independent Party will allow people to at least engage in some civil discussions,” Bryan said.

There are currently 56,000 Independent voters registered in the party. Bryan says the current-two party system doesn’t serve the wide spectrum of views held by voters, as evidenced by the most recent election.

“What ultimately ends up happening in a campaign is you get 20% on each side, and then the 60% in the middle are left to sort of flounder around and fend for themselves,” Bryan said.

Bryan says especially for social issues, it can be hard for voters to get accurate information to make an informed decision, because the information they’re receiving is partisan. He says one goal of the new party will be to publish the unbiased facts of these issues.

“They do have to make a decision on these social issues, but they’re kind of confused, I think, because ultimately at the end of the day they have some red, some blue in them, and it’s not all one or the other,” Bryan said.