Earlier today I posted a question on Facebook,

It's a big day in Washington but is all of this necessary? Do you think it's hypocritical of President Obama to swear on two Bibles to uphold the Constitution?  He seems to have nothing but disdain for the Constitution and the Administration's attacks on Christianity lead me to believe he has less regard for Bible.  President Obama was officially sworn in yesterday so today’s inaugural ceremonies are just pomp and circumstance.

I also posted a link to my personal Facebook page and got a few responses from my left-leaning friends including this comment,

I think America can use a little bit of "show" these days!

Really?  We can use a little bit of "show"!  That's all we've had for four years so I guess one more day won't hurt?  I think the first inauguration of a President should be filled with pomp but the next time it is not an inauguration but a renewal of the employment contract.  Sign on the dotted line and then get to work!  Trying to get work from a President that has not introduced a budget during his first term is a leap of faith.

If you think we need pomp I'm sure you don't mind wasting tax dollars that could have done some good somewhere.  I'm not making these comments because of the inauguration of President Obama I felt this way about every second term inauguration.

The wasteful use of taxpayer money is bad enough but to think that this inauguration overshadowed the observance of Martin Luther King Jr.'s contribution to this country is really appalling.  The lifetime of hard work, sacrifice and love for his fellow man being minimized by this soulless, arrogant politician is sickening.