Certain clubs in Opelousas can stay open later than the 2 a.m. closing time, but with a vote of the Opelousas Board of Alderman that is likely to change.  For the last few years, an ordinance that allows businesses and bars to stay open later that 2 a.m. if less than 15 percent of their gross revenue is generated by alcohol sales, has been in place.  The board made a change this week.

Stallions which operates both as a bar and restaurant was able to argue to stay open later than 2 a.m. because they would charge a cover.  Their argument was that with the sale of food and their coverage charge that made their alcohol sales below 15 percent of gross revenue.

With the Opelousas Board of Alderman's vote, the ordinance now requires that cover charges be treated the same as alcohol sales, closing the loophole for Stallions.