A new survey released by Market Research Insight finds Republicans John Kennedy and Charles Boustany are on each other’s heels for the top spot in the U.S. Senate race. Kennedy is polling at 17% and Boustany is at 16%.

Pollster Verne Kennedy says Boustany’s support is growing.

“Because of the Kennedy PAC attacks on Boustany, as well as Fleming, Boustany was pushed down but he has come back now to basically where he was before the attacks.”

The poll was commissioned by a business group, and it has Democrat Foster Campbell polling at 14%. Kennedy says Boustany is leading among Republican voters, but the State Treasurer, who is a former Democrat, is still getting some of the white Democrat vote.

“If that Democrat vote does switch over to Campbell or to Fayard, that will hurt Kennedy.”

Kennedy says the better Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s does in the polls, the better Boustany will do. He says the reason Democrat Caroline Fayard, who is polling at 12%, is lagging behind Campbell is because she’s not getting support from white Democrats.

“Campbell is getting 24% of the blacks, Fayard 23%, but Campbell is getting 10% of whites and Fayard about 7%. Campbell is leading because he has greater attraction to white Democrats.”