The latest Southern Media and Opinion Research poll shows Republican John Kennedy continuing to lead the field in the US Senate race with 22%, followed by Democrat Foster Campbell at 16%. Rounding out the top five are Republican Charles Boustany with 14%, then Democrat Caroline Fayard at 12%, and GOP candidate John Fleming at 9%.

"Kennedy is ahead, but they are all pretty close in this race that's far from over in a short amount of time," says pollster Bernie Pinsonat.

The same poll also found that the State Treasurer received the highest "positive" job performance rating among the five elected officials tested with Governor John Bel Edwards coming in second.

Pinsonat says the number of undecided in this round for the seat being vacated by David Vitter is 15% which is down considerably from the last survey.

"Which means that some of these candidates are going to have to do a lot better from someone else's number to be able to make it to the runoff," says Pinsonat.

Pinsonat says of those voters who have not selected a candidate in this race yet, 12% are white and 22% are black. He says that means it appears as though Campbell will be getting most of those votes.

"If he gets most of that vote and gets 5 or 6 percent of the whites," said Pinsonat. "How does he not make the runoff?"