A new task force created by the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will start their discussions this week in Louisiana to talk about ways to tweak the way the state funds schools.

The group discussing the issue is made up of lawmakers, education leaders and other.  Their goal is to try to tweak the state's Minimum Foundation Program, the funding source for schools.

The hearings will feature public school officials and anyone else who wants to discuss ways to change the system.  They can express their comments or concerns about the $3.5 billion spending plan.

The $3.5 billion dollars is split up among Louisiana's 70 public school districts.  Each district gets money based on how many students they have and the type of students in that district.

Louisiana's Superintendent of Education John White along with members of the Board of Elemtary and Secondary Education want changes for special needs along with gifted students.

Earlier suggestions were rejected by lawmakers.