I am a techno-geek.  I'll admit it freely.  I love the idea of game systems that let you watch movies online.  I love smart phones that tell you how to get where you are going.  You can't beat what Apple and Microsoft have been able to do with the iPhone and Kinect.

Siri, the new personal assistant on the iPhone, has a limit.  I have found time and again that she tells me that she needs a break.  At times I get an apology that she isn't taking requests right now.

Add to that what the Kinect is able to do.  Now you don't even need a remote to do things with your television.  You simply say, "Xbox, watch a movie" to see some of your favorite things.  Still, there are limitations that these new advances have.  I have tried time and again to get Siri or my XBox to cook dinner or do my laundry or dishes.  They can't do it.  My sincere hope is that the techno-geeks at both of these fine companies will start working on these advances.  I don't know about you, but as for me and my family, we have no time to take care of these small things and having the XBox cook for us or do the grocery shopping would be a big help.