In this edition of "Not Necessarily The News," Tootie Landry shares her top 10 New Year's Resolutions for 2012.

Hey! I’m Tootie Landry and this is what I found out today! It’s that time of year when we sit down and write our New Year’s Resolutions! I’m not normally a fan of this, but this year I have so many things I need to work on, I decided to put it down on paper! Here’s my top 10 resolutions for 2012.

            10. I’m going to start paying my water bill like the city of Broussard.

            9. I have my own trials and tribulations--- No more watching Casey Anthony type trials!

            8. I’m canceling my subscription to Harold Campings News Letter since the world didn’t end twice!

            7. As far as my Iphone… I’m going to work on getting a better relationship with Siri!

            6. I’ve got to work on getting on the invitation list to Royal Weddings!

            5. I’m going to beat Alec Baldwin on “Words with Friends!”

            4. I’ll quit watching reality T.V. shows, they’re not even real anymore!

            3. I need to get 2 UL Football season tickets that way when the extra point is kicked, I’m not dodging footballs from my seat!

            2. I’m going to guilt one of my friends into giving me 2 BCS tickets!

            And finally, my #1 New Year’s Resolution—to get my body to stop procrastinating on burning fat! And I’m Tootie Landry and this is “Not Necessarily the News!”