As the Louisiana Primary nears on Saturday, a flurry of activity from all of the Republican candidates for President led Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich to Acadiana for a campaign stop at the Lafayette Hilton.

The crowd awaiting the Speaker was vocal when it came to their ideas about jobs and the economy in Louisiana.  Some of the crowd even displayed their enthusiasm outside the Hilton where they, like they did for the recent Rick Santorum rally in Lafayette, made known their preference for Ron Paul's bid for the White House.

Speaker Gingrich spent most of his time lambasting President Obama for his energy policy.  "I believe that we need an American energy program, so that no future President will bow to a Saudi King, or anybody else."  That referencing a time during the last few years that pictures were taken of the President as he bowed to foreign leaders.  He focused further on Louisiana and how drilling for oil here brings jobs and prosperity.  He talked about how the President recently asked the Saudi's for help and how that help will make America more dependent on foreign sources of oil.  Mr. Gingrich said, "Why would you want to create jobs in Saudi Arabia when you could be creating jobs in Louisiana?  Why would you want the royalties going to go to the Saudi government, when the royalties could be going to the Louisiana government and the federal government?"

His sharp rhetoric didn't end there as he challenged his GOP Rivals for what he said were their tendencies to change positions on what they believed.  He noted Governor Mitt Romney for changing his position on healthcare, abortion and other issues of the day.  He then pointed out his record of sticking to his beliefs.

The crowd, though on the smaller side, was enthusiastic in their praise of the Speaker, particularly Margot Millet, a lady that came to the rally because she said she was interested in the future of the country.  She said, "I believe that Newt is the very best candidate that the Republicans could have because he is such an excellent debater and he knows what he is talking about."

Gingrich called on all assembled to help him on Saturday so they can continue the campaign, referencing his belief that he can win by challenging on the floor of the Republican Convention in Tampa.

Gingrich and his wife Callista plan on continuing around the state with visits to Houma, Baton Rouge and New Orleans before residents of Louisiana head for the polls on Saturday.