Steve Sabol, president of NFL Films', died today after an 18 month battle with brain cancer. He was 69 years old. Steve co-founded NFL Films' with his father Ed Sabol. The company would transform the way fans received access to America's most popular sport.

For their innovative efforts and tireless work ethic, both men were recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Emmy award from National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences back in 2003. Steve himself won over 40 Emmys in his career, and was named the 2002 "Sports Executive of the Year" by the Sporting News.

NFL Films' was the first to wire players and coaches for sound, a common practice used in all sports today.

Steve took over the day-to-day operations of NFL Films' from Ed back in 1985. As president of the company, he pioneered the company to new heights of the sports broadcasting world.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell released the following statement following the news of Sabol's death:

"Steve was an incredible visionary. He spent 50 years at the NFL and changed the way we see pro football. So when you're watching the games this week, it's worth remembering just how much Steve contributed to the way we think, see, and love our game."

Steve Sabol has truly helped tell the story of the National Football League. Generations of NFL fans from the past, present, and future have grown, are growing, and will grow closer to the game of football because of Sabol's genius.