The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office Narcotics Division arrested nine individuals in a complex drug investigation that also yielded a loot containing crystal meth, illegal prescription drugs and drug paraphernalia.

In a narrative that would more likely be found in a prime-time tellevision crime drama than in a single news release, St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Spokesperson Traci Landry said a tangled web of arrests began on April 15 when agents attempted to investigate James Guerin Jr. of Calumet on information that he was selling crystal meth in the area. Though Guerin fled on foot that evening by evading officers in a bayou, he was arrested two days later on a warrant for distribution of schedule II substances and possession of marijuana (fourth offense), among other charges. His girlfriend, Joni Madison, also of Calumet, was arrested on obstruction of justice charges for aiding Guerin's evasion of law enforcement.

Further information into Gurerin's drug activity led officers to arrest Brandy Fields, of Morgan City, the resident of a home where Guerin was supposedly living. When officers were granted consent to search the home,  they found drugs including both crystal meth and prescription pills, along with drug paraphernalia.

In Act Two of the complicated narrative, agents determined that Guerin had conspired with Madison and another suspect, Jason Cooper, to sell methamphetamine throughout the locale. Upon search of his residence, officers located methamphetamine there too which led to Cooper's arrest.

The final course of arrests occurred when detectives foiled a plot devised by Guerin, Madison and John Buck, of Ricohoc, to supply Guerin, who was being held at the St. Mary Parish Law Enforcement Center, with a supply of tobacco, rolling papers, lighters, mobile phones, and mobile phone chargers.

Buck and Madison were arrested on Tuesday,May 5, while Madison was arrested today on a series of drug charges.

With the previous arrest of suspects Tyler Brewer, James Aucoin, Brooke McManus and Jordon Bourque, law enforcement totaled nine arrests, so far. Landy says additional arrests are still pending in this investigation.