Recently actress Stacey Dash tweeted she was voting for Mitt Romney for President and the threat floodgates opened.  She was threatened with every type of harm including death in the most horrific, profane and racial language you can imagine.  Her Latin heritage and her African-American heritage were questioned and brought into the threats.  The twitter posts were flat disgusting and I'm still waiting to hear the apology the White House will offer.

When Sandra Fluke was called a slut my some in the media for her support of contraceptives to be provided by the Affordable Healthcare Act President Obama called her to apologize for the embarrassment caused by her comments.  My question to President Obama is this, "Mr. President you felt you should apologize for someone being embarrassed for supporting your healthcare program so why do you not feel the same urge to apologize when someone's life is threatened?"  Is it because of your stand on abortion that you feel it would be no great loss if Stacey Dash were to be killed by one of your supporters?

I think the White House and this Administration have apologized for so many things from American prosperity to American military might that actual concern for the life of an American citizen means nothing.

If these threats were being made against an Obama supporter I'm sure there would be an outcry heard near and far.  A threat against an Obama supporter would be decried by the White House as being racist and unjust.  In all probability some sort of investigation would be mounted by Eric Holder and the Justice Department.

What has happened to "the home of the brave and the land of the free" when you cannot voice your opinion about a political candidate?  In the 21st century I never thought I would hear death threats against a young black woman being made by other blacks.  Martin Luther King Jr. must be spinning in his grave! People died in the fight to secure voting rights for vote for the candidate of their choice...not to be confined to vote for candidates of their color, race or creed.