Jerry Meekins served our country in Vietnam, and the former Marine can't seem to get any respect.  Now, I know that "rules are rules", but I think in the case of Meekins, Spirit Airlines should "have a heart".  Give up the $197, and show some respect.

Meekins is dying.  His daughter was having an operation, so he bought a ticket on Spirit Airlines to fly out to be with her.  His doctor said he couldn't fly, so he called Spirit Airlines, who stated their policy is not to refund his money because he didn't buy the insurance.  How can an airline tell a veteran, sorry but we can't give you back your money?  His doctor told him he couldn't fly!  They don't care.  They might start carrying a little more now though as Meekins says veterans groups across the country are fighting on his side.

“They’ve got no humanity, they’ve got no patriotism,” Peter Forbes, president of the Veterans of the Vietnam War and the Veterans Coalition, told “[Meekins] deserves a little bit better treatment … Give him a hand up and not a handout, he’s not asking for much at all.”  That's is right on target!  They have got no humanity, and they have no heart!

Forbes said his 70,000-member, Pennsylvania-based organization fired off a letter to the Fort Lauderdale-based carrier, calling on it to reverse its decision."What would have happened if this patriotic American said “no” when called to serve his country? Life at Spirit Airlines might never happened," the letter obtained by reads.

Why is it that some big companies think it is okay to just push people to the side?  Is it because they get claims of all kinds every single day with people trying to get their money back?  Probably.  But this guy is a veteran, and they could have given him some respect.

I wonder if they are thinking now that the 197 dollars might be a small price to pay when millions of veterans tell them to "get lost"!