Once again this week I was reminded that I must be able to identify myself to get medical attention.  I was prescribed four weeks of physical therapy for a shoulder problem.  First thing on entering the therapist's office I was asked for my insurance card and drivers license.

I had to prove who I was before they would accept proof that I had insurance and even before they would accept payment.  So, to receive needed medical care I had to prove my identity but states that are asking for identification before someone can vote are being called discriminatory.  If the cost of obtaining a drivers license is discriminatory should the driver be given a free car and insurance?

When my mother became too old to drive she asked me to take her to the DMV to get a state issued photo ID so she could vote and receive medical care.  I drove her to DMV and she got the ID.  No question on her part because she wanted to vote.  It amazes me how people are claiming it's discriminatory to demand a photo ID because they can't drive to a state office to get one but they can get a ride to any other place they desire.  If you want to vote I think you should get a photo ID that proves who you are and proves you are a citizen of the United States.  If you are too lazy to travel to a state agency to get an ID you probably will be too lazy to vote...which would really be great I have to admit.

It is a right of every adult citizen of the US who is not a felon to vote.  Yet you must be a citizen and you should be able to prove citizenship and prove you are that citizen.  Pretty simple concept I think.  If cost is an issue for someone and they have a free government issued cell phone I think that it should be required the phone be returned to cover the cost of the ID and processing.  If that cost seems too great you can't vote and you have no right to complain.  In other words 'pay up or shut up'.  Get the ID as required, pay for it and vote.  Lose the ID, pay for another or don't vote and don't complain because you are an irresponsible person.

Many Americans died for your right to vote.  The least, and I mean the least you can do is secure proof of citizenship and identification before you attempt to vote.

Yes, I did show my ID and insurance card and began four weeks of torture at the hands of very capable therapists.