LAFAYETTE, La. -- Volunteer searches continue out of Blackham Coliseum Tuesday as the investigation into the disappearance of Mickey Shunick goes on into its seventeenth day.

That investigation has turned up no new developments, but Lafayette Police say that's not for lack of trying. Cpl. Paul Mouton, public spokesperson for the police department, says investigators continue to work hundreds of leads, and Shunick's bike is still being analyzed by forensics experts at the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab.

John Abdella, a private investigator the Shunick family hired shortly after Shunick disappeared, says he too has been working around the clock, taking anywhere from 50 to 100 telephone tips per day, and he believes they are close to solving the case.

"We have several things that people called in that we're looking into," Abdella says. "You know we have to verify and document these things, and the amount of telephone calls that I'm receiving is a numerous amount and is encouraging to me."

Local businesses are also continuing to contribute toward the search effort. Cajun Karate Lafayette will be holding a self-defense course for women Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The school is asking for a  minimum donation of $10; all proceeds will in turn be donated toward the search effort and the Shunick family.

Meanwhile, Charlene Shunick, Mickey's sister, is asking the public to communicate possible tips and rumors to investigators--not to the family.

"As much as we appreciate your concern and efforts in the search for Mickey," Charlene says, "my family and I would really appreciate it if you would communicate the rumors you are hearing with any of the other resources we have established."

Those resources include the Lafayette Police Department tips line at (337) 291-8633, as well as Abdella at (337) 235-0270. Charlene also says that all official information with be communicated to the public through either the family or the police department.