More than 60 percent of overnight fatalities are the result of people not wearing their seat belts, according to Master Trooper Brooks David with Louisiana State Police.

To help combat this trend, David said Troop I will begin "sending out details to specifically target these certain areas with troopers, looking for people not wearing seat belts at night."

David said an over reliance on airbags may lead people to think incorrectly that they don't need their seat belt, but David said airbags are merely a supplement to wearing your seat belt.

"People need to realize that the seat belt is there for a reason, and it's to keep you inside the vehicle," David said. "And also stop the inside of your body--your organs--from moving and hitting the inside of your body when you hit the dashboard."

In response to a listener who called in to complain about how uncomfortable seat belts are--she said the industry needed to redesign them--David said he'd rather be uncomfortable for a few minutes than risk dying in a crash.

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