No more tours through the White House, the one owned by the American people due to sequestration cuts but 3 positions are not in jeopardy.

In light of the recently leaked e-mail in which a government employee was told not to contradict statements made by the Administration concerning the pain caused by sequestration I really have to wonder about the cessation of White House tours as a money saving move.  Those White House Tours will save taxpayers a whopping $18,000 per month or $216,000 per year.  But the White House will continue to spend approximately $276,000 on 3 salaries I'm sure we could do without.  Are you ready for this expenditure?  The White House has 3 calligraphers on staff with salaries topping out at just over $96,000 per year!  Calligraphers!  To send out invitations and such.

I can't believe this incredible waste of taxpayer money.  Not one, not two, but three people to basically address envelopes.  Haven't people in the White House heard of computers?  Haven't they heard you can change the fonts on those computers to replicate a handwritten script?  I even have a used PC I'd be glad to ship to Washington and cover the cost of the shipping.

If worse came to worse couldn't the President's daughters practice their cursive writing.  The President could even pay them minimum wage and teach them the value of hard work and money....never mind....he can't teach them something he knows nothing about.

I say bring back the tour guides so the owners of the White House (taxpayers) can visit the home that their money built and maintains.  Start cutting non-essential jobs, which I am sure we could find.  Once those cuts are made start reducing federal salaries starting with the President and all members of Congress.  Keep those cuts in place until a budget is passed and a true deficit reduction happens.

I really think these things would work but my simple mind comes up with simple stuff and sometimes those simple things might actually work.