How frivolous does a lawsuit have to be before it's rejected at the court house?  We're constantly hearing reports of court dockets being backed up and I've discovered a couple of reasons why.   In one case three women are suing Maybelline Cosmetics because their lipstick doesn't last as long as claimed in advertising.  In another case eleven inmates of the Westchester County jail are suing because they are not allowed to use dental floss!

Which of these two cases have more merit?  The three women suing Maybelline say the Super Stay 14HR Lipstick and Super Stay 10 HR Stain Gloss wear off and fade after just a few hours and they want the suit granted class action status.  The gang of three is seeking compensatory and triple damages as well as relief.  Relief from what?  Triple damages.  What was damaged?  Compensatory damages I understand.  Give them their money back.

In the Westchester County inmates suit they want $500 million to compensate for the poor dental care they receive.  Santiago Gomez, the lead plaintiff claims the lack of flossing leads to temporary filings and what he calls "unnecessary procedures" that leave them with pain the prison-prescribed Motrin can't relieve.  Justin Pruyne, the deputy corrections commissioner says New York regulations don't say anything about giving prisoners dental floss but he says they're investigating whether there is a floss-like item that would be appropriate for a jail setting.  What?  Appropriate for a jail setting.  I guess with enough floss you could construct a garrote to strangle a guard or another prisoner but a yard of the stuff at a time should be safe.  Maybe the prison officials are worried that a rope could be constructed if enough floss flows out of the prison dispensary?

Either one of these suits is a complete waste of time and should have been halted at filing.  I think one suit is a ploy to either get much better dental care at taxpayer expense or a ploy to get stronger drugs.  The other suit I'm sure will have the cosmetic company attorneys questioning what activity the women were engaged in when the product failed.

These lawsuits and similar suits should not even be brought into the light of day.  Let's unclog the courts to handle legitimate cases.