Forty-one Nobel Laureates have contacted the Governor to express their displeasure with the actions of the Louisiana Legislature.  They want to see a repeal of the Louisiana Science Education Act.

The Nobel Laureates sent a letter to Governor Bobby Jindal says they believe an act of the Louisiana Legislature was misnamed.  They want a repeal of the Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA), Louisiana's creationism law.   The press release calls the act, "misguided".

"Biological evolution is foundational in many fields, including biomedical research and agriculture," wrote the Nobel Laureates. "It aids us in understanding, for example, how to fight diseases like HIV and how to grow plants that will survive in different environments."
State Senator Karen Peterson has filed a bill that would repeal LSEA.  The upcoming session of the Louisiana Legislature gets started this Monday, April 25th.  While this is a fiscal-only session, state law allows legislators to file five non-fiscal bills for consideration. 

The contents of the letter can be viewed at