Most kids in America have played "kick the can".  Most kids in America knew when your mother called you in for supper the game was over.  In Washington we have a Congress that doesn't understand it's time to go in for supper.  The game of "kick the can" is into overtime and we're all losing.  More than four years without a budget from the Obama Administration, out of control spending on entitlements and pork with sequestration looming on the horizon.  Call it a trifecta or the perfect storm but we are headed for dark times.  The President and his gang of incompetents can't find a way to propose a budget while Congress refuses to cut spending.  All of these people have forgotten why they were elected.  Preservation of the Republic is the question at hand.  If something isn't done about the fiscal woes facing this nation we will have a Navy with sailors stranded worldwide because their ships don't have fuel to get them home.  Soldiers holding the newest, most sophisticated weapons with no ammunition.  The people receiving all the handouts will not understand why the government offices are closed because all the employees aren't getting paid to hand out free stuff anymore.  When we are producing no more doctors who will care for the elderly or needy that must rely on Medicare or Medicaid we will move into a very dark time indeed.

Sequestration may very well be the death blow on this great nation due to the inability of those in Washington to do the job.  We have to curb wasteful spending now.  We have to stop kicking the can down the road.  It's time to go in for supper...if there is any in our future.

Even in China austerity moves are being taken with the government asking citizens to tone down New Year celebrations and even cut back on fireworks.  Ironic that the nation that produces all the fireworks other countries use is asking it's people to scale back.  America could learn something.