The nonprofit group Rebuild Louisiana is raising money that will go towards getting public support for Governor John Bel Edwards’ legislative agenda. It’s expected the governor will call a special session next month to address a $600 million budget shortfall.

Chairman of Rebuild Louisiana, Mary Olive Pierson says the group is raising money because there are plenty of what she calls “hard heads” in the legislature.

“We have decided that maybe if we educate the public that votes for the hard heads, that they could then educate their representatives to what they really want,” Pierson said.

Several republican lawmakers have said a second special session should take place later in the year, after taxes were raised in the first special session. Pierson says Rebuild Louisiana is raising money through social media, direct mail, and every available outlet so they can spread their message through all popular mediums. She says one of their biggest concerns is the state budget. But she says they’re pushing for several issues.

“We’re certainly interested in Medicaid expansion. We’re interested in equal pay. We’re interested in minimum wage, and those are just the big ticket items,” Pierson said.

Pierson says they are concerned about some items that have already been defeated, such as equal pay for men and women. She says the fight isn’t over yet, because after this session, there will be another special session, and her organization will continue to push for their concerns.

“We’re not a one trick pony, and so we’re just going to continue to fight and educate people until we get a better decision on some of these issues,” Pierson said.