So it's not the 5.  Still, the iPhone has been upgraded and the excitement has begun.  But what does it offer and is it worth it?

Based on what we've heard from Apple, it sounds like it just might be.  The phone itself will be twice as fast as the 4 and boasts of Siri technology that will let the phone respond to simple questions, like, "Will I need a raincoat today?"

For the many that were expecting a shiny new toy, you may be disappointed by the look of it outside, but with the advances on the inside, it appears as though Apple is going to deliver a better experience with the 4S.

While you wont find me waiting in line for the new phone with all of the other early adopters, I believe that it's an experience that I will look into.  I have had my own Apple experience with a 3G for the last couple of years and have, by and large enjoyed it.

For Apple, the disappointment of the moment will give way to something even better, when people start to look over the 4S and see what Apple has brought us this time.