The state Civil Service Commission says the number of state employees is at its lowest point in 20 years. As of July 1st, the state had just over 80,000 employees. Commissioner of Administration, Paul Rainwater, says through consolidation, outsourcing, policy reforms, and the use of technology and other efficiencies they were able to deliver state services in a cost effective way with fewer employees.

During the economic downturn the state has shed nearly 13,000 state
positions from a high of 93, 554 in 2007. Rainwater says, beginning in
2008,  it was decided that rather than raise taxes to support that size of  government they would find ways to make state government smaller.

 Rainwater says the effort to re-invent state government to make it
 leaner and more efficient will continue in Jindal's anticipated second
 term as governor.