How many vacations does Michelle Obama take while so many have to worry about their next paycheck? Is the President fiddlng while Rome burns? What's with the party with B.B. King and Mick Jagger?
Singing a couple of bars of an Al Green song a few weeks back was "cute" but who paid for this "Red, White and Blues" shindig at the White House? If the Democratic Party picked up the tab that's one thing but if tax payer money paid for the party it's time to put a stop to the aristocracy!

This type of behavior brought the French Revolution to Versailles and I wonder if President Obama skipped history class.  Did he not get the lesson on Nero, fiddles and fire?

Continued high unemployment, soaring gasoline prices and chaos in Congress I think it's time this President grows up and try's to right the ship of state before it crashes on the rocks.

Mr. President you don't sing that well and that's not part of your job description. Get to work!