You may not believe it, but veterinary care for your furry companion may just run you more, thanks to the President's healthcare plan.

While we have heard that it is going to cost all of us even more than what it has, now the word is coming that Fido's care might just run you more.  The reason?  Quite simply, medical equipment and supplies are going up in price and for many vets, they need to pass the costs on to the customers.

Obamacare has been bad news from the start.  For many people, we knew it when it had been suggested.  Now, we are starting to see some of the effects of it and it is even hitting how we take care of our pets.

Obamacare is bad news and the bottom line is that we need to find some way to get past this law.  People didn't want it when it was passed for a very simple reason.  The more we heard, the more we realized that it is a bad law.  Unlike certain former House Speakers, we don't need to pass it to find out what was in it.

Will this have an impact on pet ownership in the future?  We can only hope not.  There are so many animals that end up in the shelter or some other place because they get abandoned.

So many in the medical industry have said that Obamacare is bad news.  Now we add veterinarians to the list of those that don't like it.  And let's face it, eventually it all comes back to increased costs for us.  It is a new tax, even if it ends up in increased costs, it is a new tax on us, plain and simple.