I hate being in the position of saying, "See, I told you so."  Still, that is the position that we are in today.  Obama has been reelected and Obamacare is headed for us like a runaway freight train.  Conservatives tried to tell everyone that it was bad news for the country and the economy.  Medical professionals have said that it is a train wreck.  Still, the Supreme Court didn't act on it and all conservatives were confident of beating Obama and getting it out of law, which it should not have been anyway.

Now, we are seeing the start of the process that we knew would be coming.  We tried to warn people that Obamacare was bad for the economy and bad for the medical industry.  Now, we will see firsthand as company after company start laying off people.  The layoffs will happen as companies can no longer afford to provide healthcare for so many people.

The basic reasoning is that new taxes that Obama insisted weren't going to happen take effect next year that will aim for the middle class.  Tax after tax that the administration told us didn't exist are set to hit and it will mean job losses.  Freedomworks put together a list of those that are planning layoffs as a result of Obamacare.  Those companies are:

  • Welch Allyn - 275 job cuts
  • Dana Holding Corporation - Cuts are coming as they site $24 million cost that needs covered
  • Stryker - 1,170 cuts
  • Boston Scientific - between 1,200 and 1,400 jobs cut with jobs moving to China
  • Medtronic - 1,000 jobs (cuts are already in process)
  • Smith & Nephew - 770 job cuts
  • Abbott Labs - 700 job cuts
  • Covidien - 595 job cuts
  • Kinetic Concepts - 427 job cuts
  • St. Jude Medical - 300 job cuts
  • Hill Rom - 200 job cuts

That is just a small sampling of what will end up being larger.  How many small businesses can afford to offer health care to their employees?  How many more will find themselves on the unemployment line simply because the government is levying new taxes that they just can't afford if they want to remain in business.

Then there is the problem of companies that are planning on cutting healthcare as a benefit altogether.  Then it will be up to those that are working to find care that works for them.  While that sounds simple enough, have you actually tried to shop for individual healthcare plans?  They are way more expensive than what you can get at work because the plans are bought in bulk.  That goes away and as a result, the country gets, not more, but less healthcare as people find that they can't afford a plan and will just simply pay the IRS their penalty for not having health insurance rather than paying money they don't have for a plan that is far too expensive.

The healthcare system is in need of some help.  There can be no question of that.  However, when doctors face ridiculous liability for just being in business, then there is a need to do something to help with that.  Add to it that the government is getting involved and you have a recipe for something that we don't want or need.  Recession and a big one could be headed our way.  Just ask those that hit the unemployment line in the next few months as a result of Obamacare.

Great plan, Mr. President.  We didn't need it or want it, but it got forced on us.  It didn't take full effect until after the election took place so we can't hold you accountable for what happens next.

As I said, we tried to tell you things would not work.  No one listened.  Now, we'll see what happens when these job cuts take place.