I can't believe it and I know I probably should believe it.  Still, when President Obama tells some real tall tales and figures people will believe it, you have to wonder if he is going to rival Bill Clinton as someone that you can count on for flat out lying to the American people.

President Obama was asked to come on The Late Show with David Letterman and he talked about the national debt.  This is where the fun begins and you can see in the video above that he went on at length about who was at fault for our current debt.  In his q and a with Letterman, President Obama said that we had a surplus under Bill Clinton.  He doesn't seem to remember that Bill Clinton was dragged kicking and screaming into a balanced budget at the time  (check out this video of Rush Limbaugh's TV show, particularly the 1:45 mark).  He also makes a comment that we decided to start two wars and used a credit card to do it.  Does he not remember that we needed to fight terrorists who took out the World Trade Center?  No, they were unnecessary, of course, according to our esteemed President.

He then moves on to talk about the Bush tax cuts and how we didn't pay for them.  Note that the economy was being affected by 9-11 and President Bush suggested something that was going to get the economy going again, and it did.  Overall, the spending has increased on the part of Congress to more than overtake any increase in revenues over the years.  Overall, the President is doing it again, blaming George W. Bush for the problems he had and that it is taking him a long time to get past these things.  Funny, I remember the 1980's and how it didn't take all that long to overcome the Carter years after Jimmy Carter left office.  By the time 1984 rolled around, everyone figured that Ronald Reagan would be re-elected because things were doing so well.

Obama also mentioned that he didn't know what the national debt number was.  This is the man that has run the debt up by 5 trillion dollars and he doesn't know what it is?  Clearly that is a lie.  He knows it, he also knows that he has done more spending than any President before him in history.  More debt and more deficit can be attributed to him than to any other.  Of course he knows it, he just doesn't want to let you know that he knows it.

It also shows that he doesn't take it seriously.  If he did, we would have fixed things by now or at least been on the road to it.  He talks about bringing down the deficit, and yet his budget runs it up to nearly 26 trillion dollars.

I remember a political cartoon back in 2000 that labeled Al Gore "The Burger King and his Whoppers."  Maybe we need to apply that to this President.