It's just my opinion but I can't help but think the "Occupy Wall Street Protesters are a bunch of whiners.

Mostly young people this mob looks like leftovers from hippie demonstrations against the Vietnam War.  That's where the comparison ends.  The Vietnam demonstrators knew why they were demonstrating, they had a focus to their activities, they wanted an end to the war.

The Wall Street demonstrators want "economic justice", they want student loans forgiven, they want corporations to give up profits, they want...they want...even they are not sure!  When interviewed it's hard to find two out of ten of them that want the same thing from their demonstration.

One young lady interviewed complained that she had $130,000 in student loans because of medical school.  No one forced her to go to med school, no one forced her to take out the student loans, no one said she couldn't work while in school and I'm sure no one demanded she go to the most expensive school she could find!

These whiners need to remember that this so-called "economic justice" has failed worldwide under the better known name communism.

It's just Ken Romero's opinion but I think these people ought to get jobs and get a life instead of whining about the situation they have created for themselves.