Today marks three months until the October 22nd statewide election.Political Analyst Bernie Pinsonat says so far there's been very little activity, which is atypical for Louisiana. The big item on the October 22nd ballot will be the governor's race. But there's been only one announced democratic opponent so far, and that's a school teacher from Haynesville, Tara Hollis. Grosse Tete Senator Rob Marionneaux may also jump into the race, but Pinsonat doesn't expect any other major democratic candidates to run against Jindal.

Pinsonat says a couple of statewide races could be intriguing, including Secretary of State. He says at least two well known politicans are considering a run against the current Secretary of State Tom Schedler, House Speaker Jim Tucker and Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources Scott Angelle.

Qualifying for the October 22nd election runs from September sixth to the eighth.