It's a movie you haven't heard about yet, but if you see it, you will never forget it.  October Baby started as an effort by Jon and Andrew Erwin to tell the story of abortion survivors.  This is a group of people that you don't hear about, nor are there statistics to track them.  They have a presence in society and many have a message to deliver about the practice.  They include Gianna Jesson, herself a survivor of a saline abortion that her mother had at age 17.  She travels the world to tell her story and give people another side of the abortion debate. Jesson has actually endorsed the movie, saying that she used it as an occasion to heal.

Jason Burkey is one of the stars of the movie and spoke with KPEL's Jeremy Lawrence about his experience with the film and the message that it has delivered in the areas where it has seen release.  He said,

We have heard countless stories of people being healed after watching the film.  People have been forgiving people in their lives that they haven't forgiven in years. We've just been hearing awesome stories like that.


Burkey said that the movie had changed his view of the abortion issue because he wasn't aware of the idea of people actually surviving abortion.

The movie stars Rachel Hendrix as the main character of Hannah, who discovers her status as an abortion survivor.  Alongside her are Burkey as her life-long friend and veteran actors John Schneider, well known from "Smallville" and "Dukes of Hazzard," and Jasmine Guy, who is best known for her role in the TV series "A Different World."  It is also the big screen debut of former American Idol contestant Chris Sligh.

The movie has been in theaters nationwide for the past couple of weeks and will be adding more this weekend, including a couple in Acadiana.  You can check for details on that at the movie's website.

Listen to the entire conversation with Jason Burkey below: