Saturday was the start of "Breast Cancer Awareness Month".   This is the month when women who don't have breast cancer wear pink, thank God, and try to rally around the women in their lives with breast cancer.  Those that have it.....fight! 

This is the 27th annual National Breast Cancer Awareness Month that has begun this weekend.  Even the men of the NFL are sporting pink on their helmets, uniforms and the referees whistles are pink.  This is the weekend when we start to see a sea of pink and for those us with friends with breast cancer, we pray more, hope more and rally around the ladies who are fighting to live.  My friend, we will call her SuperStar, because she that's what she is......she is also one of the bravest women I know.  She is jewel. 

Earlier this year, when things were just bliss, I found out from SuperStar's husband that his wife was going to have her breast removed.  I was floored.  I thought, we all don't have much, but hey we have places to live, employement, food, so it all so good.  I have never seen SuperStar's husband look like he did.  I have never, in thirteen years, seen him with a look of panic, but he had the look.  A man worried his beloved companion might not just lose her breast, but her life.

SuperStar was stoic.  She was worried, but this is one tough mother of two.  She was a fighter in softball, and she has always been a fighter in life, but to lose a breast?  I asked her how she felt.  Yeah, I know, what  a dumb question.  She was patient with me when should have yelled at me, "How the hell do you think I feel, they are going to take off my boob?  I got two kids, a life, a husband, and it sucks".  But, again she was so patient.  SuperStar explained everything to me, and then began her fight.

So ladies as breast cancer awareness continues this whole month, and you are luckyenough to have something to put in each of your cups; and husbands, when you hug your wife this month, and you feel that the cups are full remember all the ladies who fight this month, and will fight the month after that and so on, and help us celebrate.  Let's celebrate the women who fought, gave their all and are with God.  Let's celebrate women who are fighting, but still have a message for us earthly bound folks.

Let's remember that hundreds of thousands of women who have health insurance don't get regular mammograms.  Why?  Who knows, but men tell your wives, mothers and grandmothers to get screened.  Ladies encourage your friends, go with them or just bug 'em until they do.  The Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization is focusing on persuading women to get screened for breast cancer, which is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and leading cancer killer of women.

I love SuperStar, and I know how hard she fights.  Let's pray for her, and the millions of other women fighting breast cancer.  Let's pray for her children and the children of all those great women fighting breast cancer who would be lost without their mommies.  I lost my mom in March, I can't breath sometimes because it hurts so much, but at least I had all those years.  I will pray SuperStar's eight year-old little girl doesn't have to go through that so soon.  Get screened, make your family and friends, and save breasts everywhere!